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Foreclosure Defense Attorney

What You Need to Know About Foreclosure in Texas

Not everyone is fully familiar with foreclosure laws in the state of Texas. If you live in Tyler, TX, Jacksonville, TX, Longview, TX, Kilgore, TX or the surrounding areas and you are facing a foreclosure, seek professional assistance from a lawyer immediately by calling on William H. Lively, Jr., Attorney at Law. Foreclosure can be complex, and people can lose their homes without even going to court if they are unaware of the process and miss important filings or court dates. There is a difference between non-judicial foreclosure and judicial foreclosure, so unless you have in-depth knowledge of the law, an experienced foreclosure defense attorney in your corner will ensure that you have the best chance of success in saving your home.

What Is Judicial Foreclosure?

What Is Non-Judicial Foreclosure?

During this type of foreclosure, a lawsuit will be filed to get a court order to seize the property. Once the court grants the foreclosure, the mortgage holder receives the property and it is typically auctioned off to the highest bidder or sold outright.  

If a power of sale clause does happen to exist in the mortgage, the foreclose process will instead be that of non-judicial foreclosure. This power of sale means that the borrower has already authorized the sale of the property if they go into default on their loan.


Rather than risk having your home taken away, consult with William H. Lively, Jr. today to discuss your options. He understands foreclosure law in Texas inside and out, and will be able to provide the quality services that you need in your efforts to save your home.


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