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As a resident of Jacksonville, TX, have you considering filing for bankruptcy? If so, then you need a skilled and knowledgeable personal bankruptcy attorney that can stop repossessions and foreclosures. Our law firm has been helping clients obtain secure footing in regards to filing for bankruptcy and regaining a solid financial future. We are a full-service debt relief agency proudly serving Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. Turn to us when you need bankruptcy questions answered by a certified bankruptcy attorney they can provide you with the bankruptcy solutions you need. We understand everything about filing bankruptcy, the foreclosure process, IRS tax seizures and repossessions so they don’t affect you adversely.


We Can Assist You in Filing Business and Personal Bankruptcy


No matter which type of bankruptcy you need to file for the process can be difficult without the legal assistance of a bankruptcy attorney. It’s imperative that you retain legal counsel to help you navigate bankruptcy law in and out of court. You can count on us to work hard and put a stop to the negative effects of bankruptcy. We will provide you with the protection you require while dispensing unsecured debt and protecting your personal assets at the same time. We are well versed in all the facts concerning bankruptcy law, so you can expect a positive outcome throughout the entire process.


We Will Protect Your Interests


At William H Lively, Jr. WHL, PLLC, we offer responsive and personalized legal services guaranteed to protect your personal interests from beginning to end. With over 17 years of experience in bankruptcy law, you can expect a high level of expertise. Rest easy knowing that creditor harassment will be a thing of the past.


Contact Us


Contact us if you’re ready to enjoy lasting debt relief with our bankruptcy services. Our caring and knowledgeable associates can provide you with all the information you require. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

We Can Assist You in Regaining a Solid Financial Future